Tape Measure


Jyoti, India's leading manufacturer of tape measures offers best-in-class tape measures made from fibreglass threads cast in plastic PVC. By using high-grade and environment-friendly raw materials and components, Jyoti guarantees timeless durable quality, precision and reliability.


If you require:

  • your advertising printed in a specific position beyond the standard ad space
  • a special scale of measure
  • a customised print on the tape
  • a special tape width (10mm - 25mm)
  • a tape measure in a special colour
  • a coloured graduation

Contact us. We're looking forward to creating your "made-to-order" tape measures.

Features / Benefits

  • Fiberglass tape measure comes with an advantage of withstanding contact with the majority of chemicals, moisture, water and temperature fluctuations
  • It can be bent, is lighter and more flexible to work with
  • The tape is non-conductive and is therefore safe to use when working in close proximity to sources of electricity
  • The scale starts immediately at the end fitting and is ideally suited for both internal and external measurements



  • Made from fibreglass threads cast in plastic PVC. Sturdy quality, general purpose tape measures with black graduation. Both ends with metal tips




Tape Measure
Tape Measure
Tape Measure
Tape Measure