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About B.D.R.

What started-off as a small shop in Old Delhi, is an internationally recognised brand today. A venture of that is the brand called Jyoti.

Founded by Mr. Raj Kumar Jain in a nook of Old Delhi in 1951, this small shop only sold knitting needles. Never had he imagined this business venture of his to go global. The humble shop slowly added products to its range and reached every household in no time. 20 years into the business and the shop became a brand, with evolving time it got registered as B.D.Raj & Co. During this time Jyoti was also formed, it was selling 'high-quality knitting needles'. Over the years, Jyoti got established amongst other knitters in India.

In 1980 his son Mr. Niraj Jain joined the business. With his father’s experience and knowledge and his own enthusiasm, the business went into other areas as well. Niraj Agencies, was formed around this time and a lot more related products were added to the range. Both companies captured the market and grew immensely. Eventually both were combined to make B.D.R. Products (India) Pvt. Ltd.

High-quality products from Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China were added to the range, setting a new standard for the products. Soon enough B.D.R. Products were appointed as an authorized agent for Tulip Co., Japan in India. Jyoti was mostly wholesaling in all this time. But in 1995, all these efforts finally paid off when this wholesale business turned into an export business. This led to a realization. With the rising of Indian economy and retail explosion happening, there couldn’t be a better time for us to establish ourselves in this untapped market.

The third generation son Mr. Tushar Jain and Mr. Chintan Jain have recently entered the business. This new generation, being brand conscious and well-exposed, made it a point to make Jyoti look 'as good, as it sells'.

We’ve traversed a long way from where we started with your support. We are proud and honoured to place ourselves into the Indian retail market at par with any existing brand. We come to you with a brand new and improved
Jyoti - Tailoring Accessories and Sewing Notions. Three generations into the business and the gained knowledge has finally led Jyoti to establish itself into the Indian retail market, as a competent retail brand.