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  • Tape Measure

    Giving your creations a perfect measure! Besides being functional it comes in vibrant colours as well.

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  • Safety Pins

    Fastening your piece of fabric together, they are heavy in nickel/chrome plating.

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  • Hand Sewing Needles

    Each of them come with different designs and characteristics making you sew as and what you desire!

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  • Embroidery Hoops

    While they keep your fabric taut while you embroider - we have given our embroidery hoops different shapes according to your needs.

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  • Knitting Pins

    Our knitting pins are just perfect for your creative ventures. They are light and easy to use - once in your hands you don’t want to put them down!

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  • Crochet Hook

    A crochet hook is an elongated needle used to create knotted loops with either of your hands. The end result of this on your fabric is always a beauty.

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  • Trouser Hook

    A perfect accessory to fit in your sewing box. These hooks are essential to fasten your trousers, skirts among other fabrics.

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  • Hook and Eye

    Hook & Eye fasteners, small in size do a mighty job of holding dresses up-tight and give a well-fitted flow to the fabric they are stitched onto.

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What started off as a small shop in old Delhi is an internationally recognized brand today. A venture of that is the brand called JYOTI.

Founded by Mr. Raj Kumar Jain in a nook of old Delhi in 1951, this small shop only sold knitting needles. He never imagined this to go global. The humble shop slowly...

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We make tailoring and sewing fun and easier with our quality tailoring accessories and sewing notions that we keep innovating to provide our customers with quality products in every respect. We make sure that we provide them with every product that they need when it comes to stitching, knitting and embroidery to make their creative projects interesting!

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We make our tailoring accessories keeping YOU in mind. It means we know that it’s the quality that will make our customers come to us!

We have kept our focus on customization. That’s why B.D.R. Products has its own strong R&D department which can accept customer’s special requirements.

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